Shanxi Black Granite quarry

We have Shanxi Black granite cooperated quarry , which locate in Shanxi Province , China .Our quarry can supply about 6000 cubic meter granite per month , supply quantity in raining season and security inspection month will be a little less , but it will effect so much for usual working , because there are always blocks in warehouse of quarry .

Shanxi Black quarry equipment : granite quarrying crawler drill machine ,Automatic granite quarry saw machine,pneumatic steel drillers,pneumatic down-the-hole hammer drillers,diamond wire machines,chain saws , hydraulic cushions , hydraulic jacks,hydraulic splitting wedges,stationary wire saws,front-loaders, excavators, trucks etc.

Shanxi Black Granite factory

We are one of leading surppliers of Shanxi black granite . We supply origin Shanxi black granite, A grade ,  both absolute black color and Black color with golden spots . With more than 20 years of experience and being one of the biggest black granite producer in china, our company is manufacturing a consistent supply of black granite for users coming from all over the world

Advantage in Shanxi Black granite products supply :Stable supply in large quantity , best prices and good quality .For same quality same Shanxi Black granite products , we can make sure our prices are best , because we have long-term cooperated Shanxi black quarry and manufacturer specialize in Shanxi Black granite .
Blocks are cut in quarry into raw finish slabs ,then slabs are shipped to our factory to for futher process . it save a lot of time and cost for raw material shipping , it will be good for us to supply the best prices and finish products in the shortest .  Moreover, it will be easier  for our professional workers to check raw material quality . We are also quarry owner of Shanxi Black granite. Comsidering material quality , price and supply ability , we are completely advantageous enterprise .

Main production line in Shanxi Black factory :

Big blocks cutting ( cutting blocks into half finish random slabs )

Auto polishing line ( Specialize for gang saw slabs ) and hand polishing line ( specialize for countertops , tiles and other products which should be mirror degree polished .

Production line for kerb ,paving , cobble etc.

Production line for surface finish of tiles and slabs ( polished , flamed , honed , bush hammered )

Countertops , vanity tops production line

shanxi black granite raw blocksshanxi black granite raw blocks cuttingauto-polished machinepolished Shanxi black granite slabs