Synonyms:?Absolute Black, China Black, China Supreme Black, HD-001, Nero Supreme, Sanxi Black, Shan Xi Black, Shang Xi Black, Shanxi Black Cinese, Shanxi Dark, Shanxy Black, Supreme Black

Origin:?China (Shanxi province) - Several quarries.

Shanxi black?granite is black granite? from Shanxi province, North of China.

Shanxi black granite is one of the best black granites in the world. It is the best black granite in China.

Shanxi black granite Co. Ltd is one of leading surppliers of Shanxi black granite, which supply origin Shanxi black granite, A grade , ?both absolute black color and Black color with golden spots .

?We have our own quarry and cooperate quarries , to make sure stable supplyment .Production capacity : 800~1200 square meters per month.

With more than 20 years of experience and being one of the biggest black granite producer in china, our company is manufacturing a?consistent supply of Shanxi black granite?for users coming from all over the world.

Main products:shanxi?black?Eastern style Tomb,shanxi?black?granite headstone,shanxi?black?granite markers,shanxi?black?granite bathroom vanity,Extra thin?shanxi?black?slabs